Joey™ is a freelance graphic designer based in Providence. 
MFA Candidate at Rhode Island School of Design.
Formerly Pentagram and United Talent Agency Brand Studio.

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New Horizons

A variable typeface designed for Animal Crossing.
Inspired by Funerary art in Puritan New England.

Every Rose has its Thorns

A shrine to the birth of romance reality tv.

At—Last cover

Cover for “At—Last”, a collective atlas exploring time and space. Made by the RISD MFA Graphic Design class of 2023.

Romance Fiction

A 16-page signature contributed to RISD’s “At—Last”

do it for the lulz

boys will be boys

Funny Friends

A variable “typeface” and python script generating funny faces and zines.

Cherry Limelight

Video for a poem by Victoria Schenck.

© 2021 Joey Petrillo

“I don’t remember ARTPOP  ↳ Stefani Germonatta